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You're here to work smarter, not harder. Every individual working in nonprofits today knows how to work hard- you've poured your heart and soul selflessly into a cause you strongly believe in. I'm here to offer you a way to maximize your efforts, so you can focus on what drew you into this business in the first place- your passion for helping others. 


I offer services in the following areas:

  • Marketing

  • Development

  • Internal communication

  • Production costs

  • Mission and Branding

Who am I? 

I am a Stanford and Oxford educated business consultant in the nonprofit sector specializing in performing arts groups. I want to help you help your business thrive. Let's find out what your unique selling points are and capitalize on your market value so that the right audience can find you and the types of people you want to work with will come to you! You want to work with me if you're passionate about what you do and want more people to know about it, or if the only thing stopping you is a lack of funding. I can help you communicate to your audience, to donors, and to grant organizations. You want to spend more time creating and less time in meetings or answering emails- I can provide you with the strategies you need to make the best use of your time, increase your business, and save more money. What would you do with an extra hour in your day? Or an extra $2000 in your budget for your latest project? I can provide you with that and the tools you need to make your company stand out visually and tell the compelling narrative of what it is your company stands for and what your goals are for the future. You're a smart, hardworking individual who knows your craft and has an artistic vision. I'm here to help you in the areas where you need the most help- I can provide the research and the tools you need to drive your own success forward.

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Do you spend weeks or months developing innovative, heartfelt productions only to have less than 50% turnout? Are people only marginally aware of your organization and what you do?

What if instead you saw a 10% increase in turnout over every production for the next year? What if in five years you were selling out, and in fact forced to book more dates or bigger venues for your productions?

I offer the research and the blueprint so you can solidify your marketing techniques and find out the latest information to build effective online, print, and media campaigns. I can let you know how to raise your company profile and build a long term audience.



Do you have a high donor turnover rate? Do you have trouble connecting your audience with ongoing support for your organization?

What if instead you had a steady monthly income for your company and saw an increase in both minor and major donors in the next year?

Invest in your long term success and I can show you how to restructure your development program and overhaul your development team and approach to fundraising- tested and proven successful with companies such as OperaRox Productions and Pacific Symphony.

Internal Communication


Do you lose track of communications easily? Are you chained to your email, spending more time in your inbox than creating?

What would you do with an extra hour each day to work creatively? How far could you develop your company with that extra time?

I can help you to optimize your internal communications, saving you time and money. Organize your communications and spend your time doing what you do best! 

Production Costs


Are you paying people to show up for hours, only to find you aren't using them for more than ten minutes? Are you consistently over budget and still not achieving your desired production look?

What would you do if you needed your performers for less time, and needed less time per production from your whole staff? What would you do with a budget surplus?

I can teach you how you can organize your time and cut production costs, while increasing your perceived production value.

Mission and Branding

Do you find that performers and the arts community alike just aren't sure of who you are or what you do? Do you have trouble articulating your vision on grants, on your website, or in person to people who ask what it is you do?

What would you do if instead people were clamoring to work with you based on the strength of your company brand alone? If people knew exactly who you are, and the only performers and staff you were seeing contact you were in exact alignment with your company mission?  If donors and audiences were excited to see your productions based solely on the fact that YOUR company was producing it?

Develop and implement your own branding strategies that have proven effective for companies from Google to McDonalds to Nike. I can guide you to build that recognition for yourself because your work and your company deserves it.


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